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Afterpay - Shop NOW, enjoy now, pay LATER!

We are so excited to announce that we now have Afterpay at checkout! Afterpay is a wonderful program that allows you to buy our jewelry now and make four interest-free payments! No hidden fees and the best part is that you get your jewelry right away. We wanted to make our jewelry readily available to all. Now let's go shopping!  

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Express yourselves by showing everyone what makes your love special.

What kind of date are you planning this Valentine's day? Express yourselves by showing everyone what makes your love special: Do you and your partner want to sail the seven seas? You’ll both need the right pair of earrings for your adventure together. The Aquaria and the Ritual are a combination made for one another. With the Ritual’s many dynamic wavelets and bubbles like gems paired with the Aquaria’s symbolic nautilus theme and clean golden lines, you’ll both be ready to take on the world coast by coast.   Do you and your boo like to feel magical on your date? Feel at one with the cosmos together with the combination of the Alchemy and 2 Chainz. This spellbinding alliance...

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Aquamarine - A mermaid's best friend!

Mermaid treasure?! Yes please! In Roman mythology Aquamarine was a cherished stone of Neptune. It washed up on shore from the depths of the sea and is rumored to have risen from the treasure chests of mermaids. This stone is named after one of the most sacred and pure things mother nature has to offer, the sea. Aquamarine will bring feelings of peace by encouraging inner strength and bravery, and will restore balance in your life!   

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