2 Chainz - Smokey Aura Crystal Drop Earrings + All Metals

$ 205

"If I die, bury me inside a jewelry store" - 2Chainz

We love mixing crystals and fine metals to make a perfect creation. Two smokey silver aura crystal quartz held in place by chains give this design a ton of movement. The 2 Chainz earrings are perfect for standard size ear piercings or worn through larger lobes.

  • Smokey Silver Aura - Anodized crystal
  • Brass, Silver + Rose Gold plated
  • Post size: 18 gauge
  • Overall size: Approx 80 -110mm length
  • Please note each earring will be different in lengths and marking due to stone size
  • Sold as a pair
  • Each crystal has been hand picked by our designers!
More questions?

With natural stones, each pair will feature markings, hollows, and striations. No couple will be a perfect match as nothing occurring in nature is, which makes these even more unique. Please, no return or exchanges due to stone colors or markings. 

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