2 Chainz - Smokey Aura Crystal Drop Earrings + All Metals

$ 150

"If I die, bury me inside a jewelry store" - 2Chainz

We love mixing crystals and fine metals to make a perfect creation. Two smokey silver aura crystal quartz held in place by chains give this design a ton of movement. The 2 Chainz earrings are perfect for standard size ear piercings or worn through larger lobes.

  • Smokey Silver Aura - Anodized crystal
  • Brass, Silver + Rose Gold plated
  • Post size: 18 gauge
  • Overall size: Approx 80 -110mm length
  • Please note each earring will be different in lengths and marking due to stone size
  • Sold as a pair
  • Each crystal has been hand picked by our designers!
More questions?

With natural stones, each pair will feature markings, hollows, and striations. No couple will be a perfect match as nothing occurring in nature is, which makes these even more unique. Please, no return or exchanges due to stone colors or markings. 


Please note that due to the inherently delicate nature of chains we cannot guarantee the chains or connections. While we make all our products with the highest integrity and quality, once any jewelry with chains has been received we cannot accept returns or repairs.

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