Your Guide to Wedding Jewerly

Finding the perfect dress is already hard enough but on top of it having to fine the right jewelry for stretched ears can be even harder.  At Buddha Jewelry we have so many different designs that will fit anyones's wedding style, whether it's an over the top wedding or a more casual outdoor ceremony, we've got you covered!
Here is our top wedding jewelry picks!
Deity Teardrops- Handmade bead work, chains, and a sparkly cz makes these a must have for most brides & grooms.
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The Deco design is perfect for any vintage styled wedding. This beautiful design comes in both traditional size and as weights. 
Shandra from Mom's Tattoo


Bridal shoot with Julia Campbell



Marquise Eyelets gives you an upgraded look to a classic eyelet style. Available in onyx inlay or no inlay at all.

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Last but not least, here are a few newer designs from our 2018-2019 collection that would look amazing on anyone's big day!


Cascade Weights - Be larger than life in these blinged out weights. Handmade with approx 90 plus sparkly clear CZ gems set high polish brass.

The Nova Weight has handmade bead work that adorns this solid brass teardrop design. Features an ultra sparkly CZ in the middle, which can be seen from the back as well.


We hope to have given you some great ideas for your wedding jewelry. Remember to tag us in your photos!

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