Style Spotlight- Taylor Bell

If you follow us on Instagram, you know how much we love when our clients tag us in jewelry selfies. We met Taylor after we saw her in a pair of our Marquise Eyelets and it was love at first sight. Her personal style meets at the corner of edgy and soft, much like our jewelry. This past month we asked Taylor to join us in NOLA for our 2017 catalog shoot. She is not only beautiful, but also one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet! Keep a look out for Taylor in our new catalog this June.

Here is what Taylor has to say about her personal style:

"One of the things I absolutely love about Buddha Jewelry Organics is their wide selection of jewelry styles that can suit anyone's needs. For my personal style, I like to change it up pretty often. Regardless of what I'm going after that day, Buddha Jewelry Organics is always my first pick. Not to mention the quality of their products is top notch, every single piece is made with care and is absolutely breath taking. From more subtle and classic designs to that big statement piece. I feel honored to both wear and sell their jewelry to my clients."

You can find Taylor piercing at Burning Hearts Tattoo & Piercing in Connecticut. 

Below two photos by Peter JT Photography

Behind the scenes of Taylor at the Buddha Jewelry 2017 catalog shoot:

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I’m a client of Taylor’s and wanted to add that the only thing that surpasses her beauty inside and out is her talent for piercing. Her bedside manner, coupled with her extraordinary knowledge (and communication of said knowledge), create an environment of ease and understanding while you are in her chair. Her spot at Burning Hearts Tattoo in Connecticut is IMMACULATE and her hygiene rituals are enviable by most medical professionals.
I’ve been pierced in St Mark’s Square NYC, London, England, and Las Vegas, NV; Taylor is, by far, the most consummate professional I’ve met!

Joanna May 01, 2017

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