Areng wood- Where did it go?

Many of you know about a year ago we stopped using Areng Wood for our plugs and jewelry.  We are very mindful on what natural materials we use and how it can effect the environment. Once we heard that Areng wood is being so over used and was on the verge of being on the endanger species list we stopped using it. We have since switched to Saba wood, pictured below on the Prime plugs, which is the darker redish color you have been seeing.

Beautiful isn't it?

Currently we have a mixed stock in some of our most popular plugs in both older Areng wear space and the newer Saba wear space.  With all of our capped detailed plugs you do not see the actual wood color due to it being the wear space. You are more than welcome to put a note on your order and let us know what wood you prefer. We cannot guarantee it but we will try our very best! We will also not return orders due to the color of the wood you get. We really appreciate your understanding and help to keep Areng wood OFF the endangered wood list!


Here is a list of the plugs that we have both colors in*:

Idols- Silver & Gold caps

Indah Moon- Brass caps

Rock N Rolla- Copper & Brass


Only offered in Saba wood:

Indah Moon- Rose Gold

Idol- Rose Gold

Philomena- Brass & Silver





*Any reorders will always be made in Saba wood


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